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Relaxing at Sparkling Hill and Eggs Benedict Bake

We need time to defuse, to contemplate. Just as in sleep our brains relax and give us dreams, so at some time in the day we need to disconnect, reconnect, and look around us.

Laurie Colwin

We plug in our phones, cameras, speakers, Fitbits, laptops, tablets, and our Nintendo DS.

We change the batteries of remotes, cars and toys.

We change bulbs in light fixtures, lamps, and scentsy warmers.

We do upkeep on our cars, appliances, and our home.

Why do we take less time for ourselves? I mean, I know I don’t recharge my batteries as often as I recharge my phone of even my tv remote. Why?

After a dismal winter of grey skies, a ton of snow, and frigid temperatures. After a season of overt racism, sexual abuse scandals, a rash of opioid overdoses, terrorist attacks, pipewine politics, and horrific gun violence. I needed a break. A rest. A recharge of my batteries.

For Christmas I bought Ninja a night away at Sparkling Hill Wellness Resort. We had never been there before and had heard that it was the ultimate in luxury and relaxation. We heard correctly 😊. There are 35 million Swarovski crystals adorning the halls, walls, and bedrooms of the Resort. There is an entire floor for the Spa! 7 saunas and steam rooms, 4 experience showers, a relaxation room, a movement room, an exercise room, a tea room, a pool, large hot tub, outdoor heated infinity pool, hair salon, massage/treatment area and Kneipp pool! I mean if you can’t relax there… Where can you?

Our room was gorgeous and featured floor to ceiling windows with a stunning view. Our room featured more crystals, a 2 person soaker tub, a glamorous walk through glass shower, and individual white fluffy robes with matching sandals.

Did I mention there were no children? I don’t mean just ours, I mean no children in the entire resort! 😳

You can hear all about our relaxing adventures in our latest episode of How Was Your Week, Honey? Find Episode 53: Welcome to the Bonin’ Palace HERE

I love Eggs Benedict! Like super love it! It’s a pain in the ass to make though. Eggs are definitely not my specialty and poaching eggs is especially hard for me. Never mind the fact that by the time I make everybody else’s eggs they are done before I even sit down 😬. When I saw a recipe for an overnight Eggs Benedict Bake, I felt that my luck was finally changing! Full disclosure… I did not make hollandaise sauce from scratch. I made it from a packet. The pictures make the sauce look icky and lumpy. Compared to freshly whisked homemade hollandaise sauce, it kind of is. However, I will never take the time to make hollandaise sauce from scratch. Time over looks for me. So, even though it doesn’t look as appealing… It definitely tasted great! Every single person licked their plates clean! This is a definite winner!

Eggs Benedict Bake
Adapted from Foodtastic Mom


6 English muffins
2 tablespoons butter
1 package of Canadian Bacon
4 green onions, white and light green parts sliced
1/2 cup cheese, shredded
9 large eggs
1 cup milk
1/2 cup sour cream
2 tablespoons yellow mustard
1 1/2 teaspoon salt
1 package Hollandaise Sauce (plus ingredients needed on package)

Cut English muffins into cubes. Spread on a baking sheet and broil in the oven for a few minutes to brown them lightly.

Use 1 tablespoon on butter and grease a 9×13 casserole dish and spread the toasted English muffin cubes into the bottom of the dish.

Heat a skillet over medium-high heat and melt the remaining tablespoon of butter in the skillet. Sauté the bacon and green onions for about 8 minutes, stirring occasionally, until the bacon is starting to brown.

Layer the cooked bacon and green onions on top of the English muffins.

Top the bacon layer evenly with the shredded cheddar cheese.

Whisk together the eggs, milk, sour cream, mustard, and salt and evenly pour the mixture over the rest of the bake ingredients.


Cover the dish with foil and refrigerate overnight.

Remove the dish from the refrigerator about an hour before you plan to bake it the next day.

Preheat the oven to 375 degrees.

Bake the casserole for 30 minutes, covered with foil.

Remove the foil and continue to bake for another 15 – 20 minutes, or until the dish is looking puffed and the top is browning.

While the casserole is baking make sauce according to package.

Top the Eggs Benedict Bake with the hollandaise sauce.


HBear went all out this Valentine’s Day! She worked so hard in the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day to make a special Scavenger hunt for SBean. It was so cute! She had it already for me and while the Girls were at school I helped set it up. I also bought HBear a little treat for all of her hard work ❤️. 


I wanted to make roasted potatoes in the shape of hearts for Valentine’s dinner but my mind had played a trick on me and I apparently don’t have a mini heart cookie-cutter! So, I settled on salmon (come on it’s pink!) and heart shaped carrots and peppers. I went all out and made a super hard Valentine dessert of heart shaped strawberries, chocolate syrup and Valentine Twinkies 😂.

Ninja spoiled me with a Purdys Heart box of chocolates 💕. Because every girl deserves a heart shaped box of chocolates on Valentine’s Day 😘.

The next day I got my order from my LipSense party that I held a while back. I am officially a LipSense junkie 😂.

After work on Thursday, I got home and found a present on my bed! Yay Google Home!!!! Then Ninja and I left for our 2 day retreat. Our first stop was Brown’s Social House for burgers and drinks.

We got to Sparkling Hill right at check in time, 4 PM. Valet parked our van and we settled in for our relaxing retreat. We quickly realized… We’re not much for relaxing 😂. After a glass of delicious BC wine, Nota Bene to be exact 😉, we got on our robes and headed down to the Spa. Apparently they want you to sit in saunas… In silence… And call that relaxing? 😂😂. We lasted just under a half an hour before we headed back up to our room to get dressed for dinner.

Dinner was wonderful. Everything is set up for couples, the service was wonderful, and the food was delicious.



After dinner we went down to the wine bar for an after dinner drink.

The next day, we went for an amazing breakfast. Check out time was 11 AM. 19 hours of blissful quiet 🤫.

When we left it was snowing like crazy! It was pretty treacherous getting down the “Hill” But Ninja got us down like a pro!

From there we headed into Kelowna to the O Spa for hot stone Massages 💕. I love massages! The spa was wonderful! Fluffy white robes, Godiva chocolate, Champagne, and a massage! Wow!

When we left the Spa it was sunny and blue skies! We made our way back to town to live like a tourist in our own city! We went to Craft Corner in downtown Penticton. We had never been there before and we were very pleasantly surprised! All of the food is homemade and locally sourced. The taps are filled with local craft beer and the service was amazing! We were there first so we got to sit in the sofas overlooking all of the fun! We were lucky enough to be in attendance when Torchlight Brewing (from Nelson) brought in a special keg and they tapped a new Irish red ale 🍻.

After appetizers we headed to one of our favourite local music venues, the Dream Café. We had delicious drinks, yummy dinner, and phenomenal desserts! All the while we were fortunate enough to watch an amazingly talented band from the island, Carmanah. They were so entertaining and so good! I have downloaded their new album and I absolutely love every single song on it! Check them out!

After the show we went home. Unfortunately there was no sleeping because… It snowed! WTF? Back to reality 😂.

When Monday rolled around I was feeling refreshed and happy! SBean celebrated her 100th day of school and I was lucky enough to be part of the festivities! I helped with the Fruit Loop necklaces 😊. All the kids were so excited!


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